How can I become a member

All businesses that highlight the wealthy gastronomic traditions of the Aegean, produce, or sell typical local products and generally offer quality gastronomic goods and services can join the AegeanCuisine initiative.

What types of businesses does the AegeanCuisine initiative target?

All of the AegeanCuisine initiative’s publicity, promotion, and support activities are aimed at benefiting the following types of businesses based on the Cyclades and Dodecanese:

  • Producers of food and drink for sale that are standardized, packaged or bottled;
  • Food and drink production facilities open to visitors;
  • Establishments that provide dining or refreshments such as restaurants, tavernas, mezedopoleia, ouzeri, cafes, patisseries, pastry shops, and so on;
  • Retail outlets for local food and drink; and,
  • Hotels, guest houses, and other businesses whose hospitality centers on the gastronomic traditions of the Aegean.

The AegeanCuisine initiative aims at including all businesses that highlight the wealthy gastronomic traditions of the Aegean, produce or sell typical local products, and offer quality food and drink services and products.

In other words, the members of the AegeanCuisine are entrepreneurs and professionals who are the best ambassadors of Aegean culinary traditions in general as well as of their respective islands.

How does my business benefit from joining the AegeanCuisine cuisine?

Membership in the AegeanCuisine initiative offers a series of promotional and commercial benefits as well as access to advisory and support services provided by the respective chambers of commerce of the Cyclades and Dodecanese islands. We:

  • Encourage Greek and foreign tourists to visit member-businesses;
  • Encourage Greek and foreign consumers to look for food and drink products by member-producers;
  • Promote Aegean products to food/drink wholesalers and retailers as well as to big clients;
  • Promote member-businesses through advertising materials;
  • Issue press released aimed at promoting member-businesses in Greek and foreign media;
  • Promote member-businesses through electronic newsletter sent to professionals in the food and tourism, journalists, and interested consumers;
  • Highlight member-businesses through articles on the portal and other relevant websites and portals;
  • Allow member-business to use the “AegeanCuisine” logo;
  • Offer member-business the opportunity to compete in the Aegean Gastronomy Awards;
  • Access to seminars and workshops;
  • Advisory services and technical assistance to member-businesses seeking to improve products and services;
  • Briefings to Greek and foreign tour guides. 
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