Lipsi are a group of small islands that includes Aspronissia, Kalapodia, Frango, Plavi, and various islets which together cover an area of 23 sq. kilometers. Lipsi island is the largest of these, with an area of 16 sq. kilometers and a 35-kilometer coastline, making it ideal for hiking. Hora, the capital, is set in the island’s small natural harbor which is lined by white-washed homes, tavernas, and cafes.

The picturesque tavernas’ menus revolve around fresh fish and seafood, ranging from the simple to the more offbeat like black rice with squid, salt-cured fish, and stuffed cuttlefish. Popular local meat dishes are goat patatado and youvetsi (meat and pasta casserole slow-cooked in the oven).

Appetizers range from cheese pies and tiganopites (fried flat round loaves of cheese-filled bread), favatokeftedes (yellow split pea patties), pitaroudia (small savory pies), barley or what kouloures, yiaprakia, fasolada (thick bean soup), and local cheeses like touloumotiri, mizithra, and cheeses preserved in either olive oil or brine.

For dessert choose between diples and kserotigana (sheets or strips of fried dough) drizzled with local thyme honey, fried or baked bougaki, grape-must pudding, dried figs, quince spoon sweet, or grape preserves.

Meals are accompanied by local wine—red or white, sweet, demi-sec, or dry. 

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