Agathonissi is the northernmost island of the Dodecanese group. Its 32-kilometer shoreline is formed by small coves, sheltered harbors, and beaches with gold-colored sand that sparkles like the crystalline waters.

Ayios Georgios, a small sheltered harbor that provides anchorage for a few fishing boats, is vibrant with life in the summer as it is an ideal destination for relaxing in a welcoming setting. A road links it to two other settlements—Mikro Horio and Megalo Horio (literally, Little Village and Big Village).

Megalo Horio is the largest and oldest settlement, and obscured from the sea. Its most pronounced architectural feature are the homes surrounded by stone walls with large entryways.

Fresh fish, fliskoudi (yellow split pea puree), and local wine served at seaside tavernas are an experience worth savoring. At Easter, stuffed lamb stands out.

The sea keeps the island supplied with ample fresh fish—and local fishermen are more than willing to share their secrets with hobbyists. Agathonissi surprises with the range of its offerings. 

Επιμελητήριο Κυκλάδων Επιμελητήριο Δωδεκανήσου
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