• Address: Naoussa's Square
  • Postal Code: 84400
  • Phone Number: (+30)2284055095
  • Mobile Phone: (+30)6936842775
  • Email: musiccafetakimi@gmail.com
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A Few Words

Takimi is a music cafe and "meze" place which is located in the square of Naoussa, next to the central church of the village. In this place you can enjoy traditional tastes, music and moments, feeling like a local.

Takimi means by definition "together", additional, compatible, consistent and concurrent. Takimi was what they called duet, consisting of a violin and a lute, the core duo that fueled the party and played till dawn on the islands.

The music and the companionship gave us the inspiration to create a place like "Takimi". Here in the island people say that "for the good company you also need a good meze", and the local products and recipes constitute the ideal combination for this.

In our philosophy, the tastes of a place are part of its cultural identity. Here at Takimi with a variety of local products you are given the opportunity to explore Paros and Cyclades through their flavors. 

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