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The authentic tavern Plefsis traditional tavern is located in the windless bay of Grikos,, right by the sea and offers local delicacies, starting from noon until late in the evening. In this authentic tavern, apart from local delicacies, you will have the opportunity to enjoy astonishing views over Tragonisi and «Kalikatsou» rock. Old fashioned metallic cans, used to store feta cheese, are spread all over the area, serving as parsley and basil pots. Geraniums, olive trees and chrysanthemums are planted in various corners, giving you the impression of dining in a homey courtyard. The whole setting reminds you of an old Greek movie. Right in front of you, in the small concrete jetty, local fishermen tie their boats and unravel their nets for the next catch. Spiros, Grikos' seagull-mascot, either dives in order to cool off or approaches people in order to pinch a delicacy or two. As soon as you give your order, goodies made of Greek, local products start landing on your table. Authentic flavors, based on the purity of raw materials: red, fleshy tomatoes, olive oil with capers, fresh vegetables from local gardens, seafood appetizers to accompany your glass of raki or ouzo, such as squid, octopus and salted mackerel, are only some of the specialties on the list. «Plefsis» traditional tavern operates seasonally, from May until October and is included in the facilities of Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa hotel. Seasonal (May to October): 12:00 - 00:00
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