• Address: Ιουλίδα
  • Phone Number: (+30)2288022195
  • Mobile Phone: (+30)6974496589
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A Few Words
Climbing Hora’s stepped paths leads further into the settlement and to Piatsa, a cozy restaurant with indoor and outdoor dining space that is open year-round. Established in 1990, Piatsa is decorated in a rustic style with wooden tables, earth colors, and old photographs depicting island life on the walls. In the morning, Piatsa operates as a coffee house and serves a selection of coffees—Greek, French-press, American filter—as well as breakfasts of boiled eggs, or omelets, or yogurt with honey and fruit, or a plain Greek breakfast of hearty fresh-baked bread and butter. As the day progresses, Piatsa is transformed into a restaurant featuring traditional local cuisine and classic Greek dishes. The proprietor, Yannis Paouris, sets the pace in the kitchen as he painstakingly oversees the preparation of Piatsa’s seafood specialties as well as a home-made moussaka, delicious pastitsio topped with thick creamy bechamel sauce, beef burgers with ham and tomato slices slowly cooked in the oven, succulent imam, broad beans baked in tomato sauce, fava, home-made pies, and a selection of cooling salads. Dishes drawn from local cuisine include the barely risk ring, octopus stewed with pearl onions in a spicy tomato-based sauce, baked sardines, paspala, louza, and smoked sausage.
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