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Our love for tradition in combination with an unforgettable walk up in the beautiful mountain village of Zia on Kos Island one spring day twenty years ago, was the main reason for starting up “Oromedon”… All these years, we have been driven by passion to preserve the traditional cooking style as it was inherited to us from our ancestors, in a constant effort to keep the flavors pure. For we perceive the need to maintain the originality of the recipes and traditional cooking style delivered from generation to generation as a personal challenge. This is why we cook and bake mainly in the wood oven using only fresh ingredients. Indulge yourselves and take a taste of “Pligouri”, cracked wheat cooked traditionally with pork fat made from local pork meat, local goat cheese with red wine taste, vegetarian pies with surprising combinations of seasonal vegetables that will satisfy every taste preference. Do not miss the chance to taste the famous “special baby goat”, baby goat stuffed with a cinnamon- flavored rice, cooked overnight in the wood oven and of course the homemade “baklava” , as baked for the traditional weddings in Kos. And so much more! With constant struggle and despite the difficulties, our targets have been met, as ove rhte years we have built relations on trust with our customers who support us and officially reward us, starting with Italy (europe award in Rome 2005, best greek cuisine award 2010, best greek cuisine award from greek tourism organisation ,Aegean Cuisine 2011,best traditional restaurant 2012-2013 ) Each of these awards comes with great responsibility and we perceive it as an even greater challenge for us. We have an inner sense of responsibility to make a journey to the past and discover recipes, ingredients and the different colors and tastes that define our Greek tradition and most importantly that define our island of Kos. Which is why we are constantly listening carefully to and getting inspired by the grandmothers of Kos island, while preserving or even enriching some their recipes. We try to keep our environment beautiful and untouched, as befits such an island. We are surrounded by the blue of the Aegean sea, the warmth of the sun and the breeze of the fresh air…This is what you will experience at “Oromedon” …Here, you will enjoy every minute in the green background of the mountain “Dikeos , embracing the playful colors of the unique Greek sun -especially during the sunset, when the sun “dives” into the deep blue of the Aegean sea! The three levels which form the restaurant make sure that each table has a spectacular and panoramic view of the island and the sunset. Also, during the day our visitors can enjoy the ideal shade under the vines and bougainvillea. The uniqueness of the landscape, the breath-taking sunset and the ultimate dining experience bring about satisfaction and positive feelings in each of our visitors. In the end, all of our efforts are totally worth it, as the traditional Aegean cuisine, Greek hospitality and beauty of Kos island are perfectly highlighted. All you need to do is visit us and find out…!
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