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Kuzina restaurant is the place for those who wish to combine fine dining with entertainment. The Mykonos locale is the summer address for the well-established Athens eatery Kuzina, which migrates for the season to Mykonos Ammos Hotel on Ornos bay. Earth colors, minimalist décor, and the discreet luxury that permeates the restaurant sets off the landscape’s natural beauty which is accented by the shimmering waters. But Kuzina offers more than a view and an idyllic location which is especially romantic at sunset and later when light from tiny lanterns set along the beach is reflected in the sea. Mykonos’s new hot beach-restaurant features a menu created and executed by the award-winning chef Aris Tsanaklidis, one of the leaders of Greek cuisine’s revival. Dishes fuse the simplicity and purity of fresh natural ingredients in creative pairings like Salata Freskadoura (a green salad accented by cherry tomatoes, feta mousse, and olive-oil based rusks), calamari with ginger and chili, spaghetti with fresh seafood and fresh tomato sauce, and tuna filet served on beetroot greens with ginger and a bed of rice. As for desserts, stand-outs are the broken millefeuilles and tiramisu served with a shot of espresso poured over it at the table. Kuzina is open from late May through September from 12:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. daily.
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