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A Few Words

Sikinos, a small Cycladic island that enchants with its natural beauty… and not only…

Arriving in the Chora the deep blue, the traditional settlement and the unique sunset will enchant you.

As for the lovers of traditional and delicious cuisine, restaurant "Kapari" is situated nearby, crafted with care and aims to make visitors to remember with nostalgia the local delicacies and beautiful Sikinos.

In the pleasant environment and with the unique service, we are waiting you to taste the appetizers, delicious stews and many other flavors.

Try zucchini fried balls, tomato fried balls, lamp with lemon, capers salad, sinful meatballs, coq au vin, tomato salad with grilled halloumi cheese and capers, capers with fava of Santorini, octopus stew with capers, fillets with sauce of capers and smell, sardines with mustard and capers and many other flavors. Accompany your meal with a selection of wines. Finally taste fresh homemade sweets.

Harrys and Eugenia expect you, always with a smile and with trained staff to offer you authentic hospitality.

Our secret: love for Sikinos and our guests.

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