I Taverna tou Simou
  • Address: Κάτω Μεριά
  • Phone Number: (+30)2288024980
  • Mobile Phone: (+30)6974102438
  • Email: simosdeme@hotmail.com
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A Few Words
At his taverna, Simos serves a selection of his mother’s recipes and traditional recipes from Kea’s cuisine which he has tweaked into a flavorful menu. The signature dish is rooster with pasta made with rooster from his father’s coops, tomatoes from the garden, and mizithra made with milk from the family sheep. Other favorite dishes are rabbit simmered in a clay pot, goat cooked in parchment, lamb in lemon sauce, and beef in tomato sauce. The menu also features a selection of meze, like pan-fried pork (tigania), paspala, spicy bekri meze, louza, home-made sausage, eggplant salad, savory pies, cheese pie, and zucchini fritters. i Taverna tou Simou has grown steadily in the eight years since it opened. The proprietor, Simos, is hands-on and not only cooks but also shops for and selects the ingredients. All meat is local and prices are attractive.
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