I Heronissos
  • Address: Χερρόνησος
  • Phone Number: (+30)2284033119
  • Mobile Phone: (+30)6974859287
  • Email: a.fyssas@yahoo.gr
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A Few Words
Heronissos is a tiny traditional fishing hamlet at Sifnos’s northernmost end, some 14 kilometers from Apollonia and charms visitors the moment they glimpse it as the road descends towards the coast. The taverna, which takes its name from the village, sets tables out along the shore under the shade of the tamarisk trees. I Heronissos offers good service and carefully prepared dishes from a menu of meze, fresh seafood, live lobsters, and fish straight from the fisherman owner’s nets. The day’s catch is grilled or made into soup, while the astakomakaronada (lobster and spaghetti) is one of the taverna’s best dishes. The secret isn’t just in the recipes but also in the use of fine, fresh ingredients. I Heronissos is open from Easter through October.
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