Epta Piges
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A Few Words
Welcome to Epta Piges ("Seven Springs"), the little secret paradise of Rhodes. Epta Piges is a refreshing and relaxing refuge for the visitors of the island. In the shadow of enormous plane and pine trees, travelers can enjoy our delicious cuisine while listening to the singing of birds and the serene babble of the nearby creek. Our restaurant is nestled on the slope of both sides of the gully hosting the springs. A wooden bridge connects the two banks. Pine and plate trees cover the whole place creating an idyllic atmosphere that attracts thousands of visitors every summer. We invite you to experience a truly unique combination of nature and traditional Greek cuisine. The area was named after its seven natural springs. Their water gushes into a creek that further down feeds a small man-made lake. Its waters provide a natural habitat to tortoises, eels, crabs and a rare fish species called "Gizani" that lives exclusively in the creeks of Rhodes. Epta Piges is a marvelous place that confirms Rhodes' fame as the "emerald of the Mediterranean" and the "secret corner of Paradise". The combination of crystal-clear waters with pine and plate trees creates a peaceful scenery, offering the visitor relaxing moments.
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